Top 5 Natural Stone Trends for Phoenix Homes

Natural stone is always in style. There are so many colors, shapes, textures, and patterns that you can create just about any look you want with stone, from traditional to modern. Trends come and go, but the stone will always be a hot selection.

Top 5 Natural Stone Trends for Phoenix Homes

If you’re planning to update your Phoenix home, you may be interested in the latest design trends to get unique and interesting looks. Here are the top five natural stone trends we’ve been seeing for Phoenix homes:

Natural Stone Mix for the Kitchen

Granite and marble have long been popular choices for kitchen countertops. But the stone doesn’t have to stop at your countertops. We’re seeing a lot of Phoenix homeowners also use stone for their backsplash, a surround for their range or refrigerator, and, of course, for their floors.

With so much stone in the kitchen, you have a lot of design choices. You can choose the same material in different colors and cuts to make an impact with the uniformity. Or you can choose stones that complement one another to create a more natural look for the kitchen. You’ll feel like you’re in a rustic, woodland cabin – but a sophisticated one!

Stone Walls in the Bedroom

Typically, bedrooms don’t get much stone love, unless there is a fireplace in the bedroom. But the latest trends are putting stone accent walls in bedrooms for amazing effect. Brick accent walls used to be popular in industrial spaces, like lofts in urban areas. But now you can see bedroom walls covered entirely in slate, flagstone, or other natural stone. The design creates a luxurious look for the room.

This trend isn’t limited to the bedroom. You can put a stone accent wall in any room of your house. The living room is a popular choice, as is the family room. But people are less likely to expect it in the bedroom, which is why it can make a bigger impact.

Natural Interiors

Natural stone is ideal for a naturally inspired décor scheme, and we’re seeing a lot of that in Phoenix homes. The stone can be used for flooring that looks like what you would find in an outside space, a fireplace design that looks like an outdoor hearth, or even a water feature that looks like a small stream or waterfall.

The options are limitless when you create a natural interior. Just look around and take your cues from what you see. Natural stone should be just one part of the décor scheme. You’ll also have to think about wood finishes, fabrics, paints, and more.

Black and White

Not all natural stone comes in shades of browns and grays. They also come in bold colors like black and white, and these colors are on trend right now. Black and white décor is a classic choice, but the addition of natural stone is what’s hot now. Forget about linoleum or ceramic – now you can have the same look with high-quality stones like marble or slate.

Natural stone in black and white can be used in any room of your home. You can also mix and match the stones to create patterns or borders with the colors.

Art Pieces

Think about how striking a huge piece of onyx with an interesting cut would look hanging over your fireplace. This is exactly what many Phoenix homeowners are starting to do. Natural stone is beautiful all on its own, and it can be appreciated as art. You can hang a single piece, or you can put together multiple pieces to create a mosaic, a collage, or even a sculpture.

You don’t have to do this work yourself. You can always hire a local artisan or tradesman to do the work for you.

Taking a look at some of these trends will help you get some great ideas for making over your Phoenix home. But you should never feel beholden to the latest fads. Natural stone will always be in style. Choose to use it however best makes sense for your home, whether it’s a tile floor, a gorgeous backsplash in the kitchen, or an interesting piece of art in the family room.

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