Granite Maintenance

Granite is a magnum based igneous rock formation that is used as a flooring option in many houses and buildings in Phoenix. It is hard and resistant, making it an ideal option for places that are used to heavy foot traffic. There are also plenty of other advantages to using granite. For instance, it is used on kitchen tops because of its durability. You can cut vegetables or chop meat without worrying about damaging the granite slab. It is also available in several patterns, which means you have plenty of options to choose from. It also enhances the aesthetic value of your building’s or house’s surroundings.

However, granite also has disadvantages. Though it is resistant to most chemicals, it is not impervious to oils. Therefore, regular maintenance is required in order to ensure that the granite remains and stain free. For this, you will have to get in touch with a proper granite maintenance service in Phoenix, that specializes in granite sealing.

How to know if your granite needs sealing

You probably won’t be able to find out if your granite flooring or kitchen counter needs sealing by just looking at it. There are simple tests which can determine this for you. One of those tests includes placing a paper towel or a cotton towel on the granite kitchen counter. If the towel becomes wet after a few minutes, then it indicates that water might be seeping into the granite.

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Another test, called the solvent test, is used to determine the same. Just apply a spot of paint thinner and leave it to dry for 10 minutes. If the spot turns dark, then you probably need granite sealing to be done. Basically, if the granite turns dark after conducting these two tests, it indicates high absorption, which needs to be corrected through sealing.

Granite polishing and sealing in Phoenix

There are plenty of granite maintenance services in Phoenix that deal with granite sealing and polishing. Sealing cannot be done without polishing the granite first. Therefore, a professional service will do both. First the granite is polished using high end equipment, such as a grinder or stone polisher with diamond grit pads. These pads come with various grit sizes and the size used depends on how much polishing is needed. The more the polishing, the higher the grit size.

Granite sealing is done once the polishing is over. The type of sealant used depends on how much protection you want. For instance, a penetrative sealant is applied to ensure that the granite becomes completely non-porous. This, then prevents water or oil from permeating into the granite pores and damaging it.

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