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So, you bought a house in Phoenix and were taken aback by the beauty of the slate flooring. The advantages of having a slate flooring such as minimal cleaning and low dirt/germ accumulation alone, would have put a massive smile on your face. Unfortunately, there is some bad news for you. Slate flooring, if not cared for properly, can turn into a pain. This is because, slate flooring, though generally advantageous, is also highly porous. This means, it absorbs dirt and grime in the long run. However, there is very little to worry, because once you get the maintenance done on time, you won’t have to bother for a few years.

Professional Slate Floor Maintenance Service in Phoenix

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The thought of having to restore the slate flooring in your house, all by yourself, can give you nightmares. Luckily, there are professional natural stone cleaning services in Peoria and Phoenix that can do this for you. They can take care of everything, from slate cleaning to slate polishing and also, slate sealing.

Since slate is highly porous, the first thing that a service would do is to remove all the dirt, debris, and other particles that have accumulated overtime. For this, they use high end cleaning agents. After slate cleaning is thoroughly done, the slate polishing can begin. This involves using high end equipment and other agents to give the slate flooring its original sheen back. The equipment and agents used are specific, because standard material fail at this process and sometimes, even make things worse.

Now, once the slate flooring is polished, you will probably want it to remain that way. For this, professionals recommend slate sealing. Slate sealing involves the use of particular types of sealant that literally seal the pores in the slate to prevent it from absorbing dirt, grime, water, and other liquids.

Types of sealants

There are 2 types of sealants used slate sealing:

  • Impregnating Sealants: These sealants penetrate even the deepest pores in the slate and significantly reduce the absorption rate. They can withstand any type of spill and some of them can even protect the slate for decades, so you won’t have to worry for about restoration for years.

  • Topical Sealants: As the name suggests, these sealants just protect the surface of the slate. Though they only last for a few years, they cost low and another coat can always be applied on top of the previous coating. You won’t have to strip the previous finish at all. Topical sealants are a more cost-effective option in the short run.

For the highest quality slate tile floor cleaning in Cave Creek, consult with the professionals at Americhem Natural Stone Restoration. Our Arrowhead slate tile floor cleaners are top rated and can give you the best results for your natural stone.

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